What's New in Parallels Plesk Panel

Panel 10.3


APS 1.2 support

Some apps support new exciting capabilities of the APS 1.2 engine:

For more information on managing APS apps, refer to the section Managing Applications.

File sharing

Panel allows you and your webspace users to share files with each other or anyone on the Internet. Learn more in the section Sharing Files and Folders.


View selector

Now you can switch between Service Provider and Power User views at any time through the Panel GUI. In earlier Panel versions, this operation was accessible only through the command line. Learn more in Becoming Familiar with Parallels Plesk Panel.


Panel 10.2

IPv6 Support

Parallels Plesk Panel now supports operation on IPv6 addresses. Administrators and resellers can offer service plans on IPv4 and IPv6, or create dual-stack subscriptions (on one IPv4 + one IPv6 address). To learn more, see the section Configuring Server IP Pool.

Server Name Indication Extension on Linux-based Panel Servers

Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux allows authentic SSL certificates to be used for sites hosted on shared IP addresses. This was achieved with the added support for the Server Name Indication (SNI) extension to the Transport Layer Security protocol. To learn more, see the section Hosting Multiple SSL Sites on a Single IP Address (Linux Hosting).

Customer accounts without subscriptions

When creating a new customer account, you can now choose whether to create a subscription with a website for that customer. Creating accounts without subscriptions can be useful if you do not need to set up a website for a customer at the moment, and want to transfer a subscription from another customer account, or set up a subscription later.

To learn more, see the section Subscribing to Hosting Services.

My Webspaces

Now it is easier for administrators to create their own hosting accounts with the Panels that also serve hosting customers and resellers. Switching to Power User view that is intended for creating and managing administrator's own hosting accounts no longer means you have to give up hosting reselling anymore. Learn more about this view in sections Switching to My Webspaces and The Power User View.

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