External Mail Server Nodes

Sometimes, you may need to use an MTA which is not supported by standard PPA node roles or to attach an already existing mail server to PPA. In both cases you should use the external mail server role for the attached node.

Note that you can attach both Linux and Windows mail servers.

APS Connector

PPA communicates with such nodes by means of special APS applications (so-called connectors). These apps enable PPA to remotely control services on the nodes.

Before adding an external mail server to PPA, you should develop the required APS connector or obtain it from third-party developers. Learn how to create your own APS connector in Operations Guide, Appendix B. Creating an APS Connector for External Mail Servers.

Adding a Node

To register an external mail server node in PA:

  1. Prepare or obtain the APS connector app. The APS apps are distributed in the form of ZIP files, for example, MyAPSMail-0.1.zip.
  2. Register the connector in PA by running the command:

    /usr/local/ppa/bin/apsmail --import MyAPSMail-0.1.zip --name <MailServerName>

    where <MailServerName> is the name you want to set for the external mail server in PPA.

  3. Add an external mail server node to PA by starting the Add New Node wizard in Administration Panel > Infrastructure > Service Nodes. The wizard will ask you to provide the following information:
  4. Assign the attribute with the name you specified on the step 2 as <MailServerName> to the node. This should be done in Infrastructure > Service Nodes > select the node > General > Attributes.
  5. Mark the node as Ready to provide in Infrastructure > Service Nodes > select the node.
  6. Assign a license key to the node as described in the section Installing License Keys for Service Nodes.

To provide mail service using the external mail server:

  1. Create a new Mail Service resource type and specify the external mail server as an activation parameter.
  2. Add the resource to a service template.
  3. Create subscriptions with external mail hosting based on the service template.


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